Who is Eartha Marley?


My friends often joked that I was the long-lost daughter of Eartha Kitt and Bob Marley due to my life for the theatrics of life while remaining calm in the eye of a storm.

My name is Melissa, and I am the owner of Eartha Marley Photography. I started photography as a street photographer that often started interactions with " Hi! Can I take your picture?"

After some time, those street portraits transitioned to portrait sessions and event photography.


Photography is one of the most important- yet often forgotten- aspects of life. Photography is about capturing that otherwise lost moment once memory doesn't deem it important enough to remember.

Let Eartha Marley Photography capture that gleam in your eye the moment after you caught the meaning of a joke. Let me capture that moment where you take that deep breath before singing the first note of your song. Let me capture the moment in which the family finds out the gender of the new addition to your family. 

Taking pictures of smiling faces is what I love the most in the world. Allow me to make you smile.


Melissa Reid